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Terms & Conditions

These terms apply to all classes, courses and workshops run by Fitskool Limited

The following terms apply to all clients booking sessions provided by Fitskool Limited regardless of the payment option chosen.

  • A written copy of our terms and conditions can be obtained by contacting us.
  • Please note: in the case of Associate teachers using our facility; bookings are made direct with that teacher. The teacher may have different terms and conditions, please request details form the teacher when booking. Fitskool accepts no responsilbility for cancelled classes, payment disputes or class content delivered by assocate teachers.

Pilates and Foundation Training classes and courses

  • All Bookings are subject to the terms and conditions
  • We offer small classes that can be tailored to the individual. Places are very limited and we operate a waiting list. The majority of our Pilates classes are run as courses, because regular attendance is essential to enable clients to gain the full benefit of the method.
  • Bookings are subject to availability and can be made via our contact us
  • Please give details of the of class or session required, such as day and time and any information that may assist.
  • All bookings require payment in advance. Details will be provided at the time of booking. The full fee must be paid before the start of the course, that class place then becomes unavailable to anyone else. Please see below for full details.
  • From the start of the first Pilates or Foundation Training course, the client will automatically be registered on that class for all subsequent courses unless they have informed Fitskool Limited otherwise.
  • We run specialist workshops from time to time which can be booked ad hoc and paid prior to the day, and Apparatus classes that are booked in advance and paid per session. Please see below.

Dress code

  • Please attend dressed appropriately for the class or workshop. Clothing must cover the body appropriately but allow freedom of movement , jeans are not ideal.
  • No shoes are required in the studio, socks or bare feet are ideal.
  • Please ensure socks are of the sticky kind to reduce the risk of slipping.
  • Please remove watches and earrings and any loose items for your own safety and to protect our equipment.

Health and medical status

  • All clients will need to complete a health screen and to hand in the completed screen on the first class/workshop attended.
  • If any issues or uncertainties arise as a result of filling out the health screen; it is the responsibility of the client to get clearance to exercise from a suitable medical practitioner.
  • Most classes entail that the client is able to get up and down from the floor. If this is very difficult, a private appointment may be more suitable initially. Attendance may be refused if the client has mobility issues of a nature that make it unsafe for them to attend their chosen class. In this case an alternative will be discussed if practical.
  • Please do not attend class if unwell , please send a message via our contact us.
  • If any health concerns arise while already a course participant, the client must inform the teacher immediately and may be required to seek medical clearance in order to continue attending.
  • Pilates classes, fitness classes, Yoga, Meditation, health education events or workshops do not replace or constitute medical treatment or advice.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry to clients we do not deem suitable to attend.

Cancellations and making up classes

  • Unlike the larger council run and corporate providers, we guarantee the client a place on their chosen time and day when booking a course.
  • We are unable offer any refunds for missed sessions or for pre- paid and booked courses that are missed as a result of the client being unable to attend.
  • The notice period requested for cancelled sessions is a minimum of 24 hours. Notice must be given either in class before the intended missed session is due, or in writing to or via our contact form.
  • Notice provided via text message or Facebook or social media will not be accepted.
  • Notice of less than 24 hours will automatically forfeit that session.
  • We do try to offer the opportunity to make up any sessions where possible, however, this is not guaranteed and is complimentary and at our discretion.
  • Clients must be current and can make up only when advance notice of more than 24 hours has been provided , and only if a place is available.
  • Make up sessions are only available on classes that are run as courses. Make-up sessions cannot be facilitated on apparatus Spring Wall or Reformer classes or workshops.
  • Only one make up session can be scheduled at a time.
  • To be fair to all of our attendees, clients cannot make up missed sessions if they are no longer a class participant of Fitskool. Therefore clients must be a current paid and continuing course participant in order to make up missed sessions and must also give the required 24 hours advance notice of any cancelled session.
  • Clients cannot save up missed sessions and transfer them over to another course, or use part of that fee against a workshop or event or any other service that is provided by Fitskool.
  • Clients must ask about any available slots to make up at the same time as informing the teacher of an absence. We will do our best to help.


  • There are three payment options for course formats, payment reserves the booked mat place on that day and time.

Pay per course at the designated fee

  • Payment must be received well before the start date of the course, by cheque, bank transfer or cash. An ajustment may be offered when commencing a course after the start date, however, this will apply strictly for the first time of attending only. An adjustment will not apply for subsequent bookings by the same client booking after the start date of the following course.

Courses paid in two instalments

  • The full course must be booked. Payment at the correct amount (course fee divided by 2) must be received well before the start date of the course. Payment must be received, and at the correct amount before the second half of the course commences, by cheque, bank transfer or cash. The second payment will be due even if the client subsequently cancels the course.

Paying for classes by standing order over 12 months

  • The full terms and conditions apply as set out above, and in addition the following terms apply:
  • Paying over 12 months is available to clients once they have attended one full course of classes
  • The monthly payment scheme is available for a minimum 6 month period
  • The monthly scheme entitles the client to attend their chosen class on a designated day and time only. The client accepts that regardless of the payment method chosen – their booking is based upon a course format of classes. The place will be reserved on the chosen course until the client notifies Fitskool limited of their wish to cancel within the notice period.
  • The monthly scheme does not entitle the client to any extra benefits, extra classes, refunds for missed classes, or priority bookings.
  • Fitskool classes and course calendar begins on the 1st September and ends 31st August the following year.
  • Payments are for the designated number of classes totalled up in their usual course formats, over the 12 months. For instance, the monthly payment is for 45 classes in 6–8-week courses from beginning of September to end of August.
  • The first payment must be received in advance of the first course booked and thereafter monthly, in equal instalments at the beginning of the of the month.
  • Fitskool Limited reserves the right to refuse entry to the monthly payment scheme or to cancel the scheme at any time.

Notice to cancel booked courses

  • A minimum notice period of 4 weeks is required to cancel the course place when utilising the monthly payment scheme.
  • When cancelling courses on the monthly payment scheme, all classes must have been paid for and include those reserved by the client up to the date of the final class of the course. For example, if two eight-week courses have been reserved, the monthly fees paid to date must cover the costs of all classes available to that client on the chosen course. This condition includes classes missed or cancelled and not made up. Therefore, if more classes have been reserved on a course than have been paid for, a fee may become due.
  • Late notice cancellations of pop up classes that have not been paid for may incur a fee.

Cancellation of courses on a paid by course basis

  • Monthly payments can be cancelled at any time provided all classes reserved to date have been covered by the payments –please inform us in writing when cancelling. Once cancelled the balance of the full course fees reserved are due.
  • If the account is in arrears, the client will not be able to attend or make up any further classes until the full course fee has been paid.

Workshops, ad hoc classes and events

  • Workshops and ad hoc classes can be booked provisionally by email.
  • An email will be sent to all provisionally booked attendees requesting payment in full.
  • Workshops and ad hoc classes must then be paid for in order to secure a place. If payment is not received by the specified time, the place will be cancelled.
  • Cancellations must be received within one week of the workshop or payment may become due.
  • Refunds are not possible unless we can fill the place and we have sufficient notice of cancellation of at least two weeks.
  • Transfer to another suitable workshop may be possible with the required notice however, this is at the discretion of Fitskool Limited.
  • Terms may vary for different workshops. For guest speakers and workshop providers, alternative terms will be in place. Please request to see the terms and conditions provided by the visiting teacher.

Private sessions

  • Please pay your fee at the time of booking.
  • There are no refunds for cancelled sessions.
  • A regular time and day for private sessions cannot be guaranteed , therefore clients are required to book well in advance to secure a preferred day and time.
  • Block bookings must be used within the number of weeks booked, that is, if a booking a block of five sessions please use those sessions within five weeks. If clients have holidays booked, Fitskool will attempt to accommodate alternative sessions with enough notice.
  • In all cases, private block bookings will expire after 3 months from the date of the first booking.
  • If unwell, please do not come for exercise training but do tell us as soon as possible and well within the minimum 24 hours notice.
  • Cancellations of less than 24 hours are likely to forfeit that session because it will be too late to offer that session to another client.
  • To reschedule a booked session, please let us know soon as possible by email and within at least 48 hours.
  • Cancellation by Fitskool
  • Fitskool reserves the right to cancel sessions due to unforeseen circumstances including, but not limited to: staff sickness, environmental hazard or lack of attendees. Cancellations made by Fitskool will entitle the client to a full refund of the price of the session or transfer to a suitable alternative session.
  • Cancellations of sessions taught by associate teachers are not the responsibility of Fitskool , the client is urged to check with the teacher to clarify their position.
  • All bookings are made upon the understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • Fitskool Limited reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions at any time.
  • Fitskool reserve the right to refuse booking of any session, workshop or event.

Thank you for your co-operation.