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“Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things.” Joseph Pilates

Read about our team – your guides to strength, wellness and vitality.

Kate Gray

Kate Gray

BSc RGN Director, Registered Nurse, Certified Pilates Teacher (APPI), Level 4 Back Pain Exercise teacher  – Women’s Wellness & health educator, Personal Trainer, Advanced Kettle bell instructor, Certified Foundation Training instructor

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I am a passionate advocate of health and wellness.  I am still a Registered Nurse, having worked in the NHS since the late 1980’s and with over 25 years’ experience in various specialities. Certified in Clinical Pilates, Back Pain and Women’s Wellness, I now work primarily to keep people from needing the NHS!

I am also a Wife, Mum and Grandmother and I am thrilled to operate our Pilates and Wellness studio with my daughters and our cherished,  talented colleagues.   We enjoy providing a comfortable, safe and welcoming environment for our attendees to practise mindful movement, relaxation and health education.

We have a wonderful clientele, many of whom have been coming regularly to our classes for many years. The teachers we work with are skilled, kind, understanding and supportive – our sessions are totally non competitive and welcoming.

It amazes me what people can do when given a supportive opportunity – we look forward to meeting you soon.

Vicki Gerrard

Vicki Gerrard

REPs registered Pilates Teacher & Pilates for Spinal Surgery (APPI) Deep Tissue/Sports Massage Therapy, Boxercise instructor, Student Foundation Training instructor

Since having my two children, I have found Pilates to be the perfect body conditioner. It’s a great relief from general back and shoulder pain caused by pregnancies, carrying babies and all of the associated “stuff”! Plus, it’s a brilliant way to squeeze in that essential but elusive “me time”.

I have a level three Industry Award & Diploma in Teaching Pilates, I am fully qualified in deep tissue massage therapy and I have trained in Pilates for Spinal surgeries and have a qualification in nutrition and Pelvic Floor health and exercise fron Burrell Education.

I currently offer small group mat and one  to one apparatus classes -enabling you to receive more specialised individual attention at our North Baddesley studio.

Massage is the perfect accompaniment to your exercise whether that be Pilates, Yoga, cycling, running or sports. Or perhaps you would simply like some help to relieve the pain of tight and sore muscles in your back, neck and shoulders due to postural issues or stress.

I like to tailor massage therapy to the individual – we can devise a plan to target your personal goals.

Please do feel free to contact me for more information or a chat about your needs.

Alison Long

Yoga teacher, certified 500 hours Inner Yoga Trust, Student Foundation Training instructor

I first tried yoga in 1992 just before my eldest daughter was born.  It was very different to the aerobics of the day but, after three more children, I found it was yoga I kept going back to and not my Jane Fonda videos!

I qualified as a teacher in 2013.  My style is gentle but challenges you to maximise your own range of movement and reconnect with every part of your body from the feet up whilst at the same time calming the ‘monkey mind’.

Yoga has given me strength, flexibility, improved balance and mental equilibrium – especially when thrown by life’s challenges.  I feel this ancient practise is more relevant than ever before in our chaotic time.

I love the friendly, supportive community Kate has created here at Fitskool and whether you’re intrigued to try yoga for the first time or wish to deepen an existing practise, I really look forward to welcoming you to class.

My yoga mat is my sanctuary, come and find yours.

Jan Vince

Yoga teacher,  certified 400 hours, Singing bowl training, Health  Coach, aerobics instructor.

I am 63, born in West Wellow and left at the age of 18 for warmer shores; Europe,Middle East, and the cruise ships for 13+years.

I was always a gym rat, seven  days a week until I tried Yoga and realized what I had been missing! I went through a very stressful time and had anxiety, I started Yoga and Meditation, and have never looked back.

I have Tibetan Bowls from Tibet handmade which produce a wonderful tune, all of the bowls connect with your own bodies vibrations. I also do Mantras and eye meditation and for any private session. I have a Meditation head band that reads your Brain signals and teaches you to be able to control all the noises that we all have going on!


Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher

CRB & insured for age 3 years & up


Greetings all,

My name is Ramani, I am a mother of two amazing daughters.  I have had the privilege to work  with children for nearly 20 years in various settings and communities.  I was blessed to be introduced to yoga in my teens and explored various classes/styles over the years. 16 years ago I decided to combine my love of working with young people and yoga and trained to become kids yoga teacher.  Since then I have taught in many schools and community groups around Hampshire and overseas.  In October this year I will qualify to share yoga with adults having completed my qualification with ‘Heart of Living Yoga’.  I feel honoured to hold and create a space for people to be able to explore this ancient and beautiful practice and invite balance and wellness into their lives. Watch this space for heart meditation and mindful movement classes for adults.

Sam Parsons

Certified Body Control Pilates instructor,  HIP Pilates teacher – Equine Pilates teacher, biomechanics instructor – Student Foundation Training instructor  -REPs Registered

Sam has always been interested in rehabilitation and performance, and has turned her focus to Pilates as a targeted method of training and rehabilitation.

She is also passionate about adapting the Pilates method to meet the needs of older people, to help them retain their physical fitness, functional independence and psychological well-being into old age

“Having spent 20 years as an equine specialist coach and trainer, and 10 years practicing Pilates, in 2015 I trained with Body Control Pilates to become a qualified Pilates Teacher.

I have always been interested in health and fitness, and after years of high intensity training turned to Pilates as the best way to maintain my own levels of performance.

Pilates became the centerpiece of my training, helping me achieve far greater awareness of my own body, maintaining a toned body, improving my focus, avoiding injury and improving my overall performance”


Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, double certified advanced Kettle Bell instructor, Boxercise Instructor.

My aim is to provide real results for real people! Getting fitter and losing weight is hard work at first, so I aim to make the sessions fun, varied and motivating – and very informal!

I offer group personal training, fat burning interval training classes and private sessions to people of all fitness levels in our North Baddesley studio.

Once you get started, your sense of well-being, confidence, strength and energy will soar…

We can incorporate elements from, kettle bells, plyometrics, athletic conditioning, body weight exercise, suspension training and Yoga to increase strength, burn fat and aid flexibility to give you a total mind/body programme.

Take the first step today by contacting me here

Our partners and associates

Liz Knowels

MSc Women’s Health Physiotherapist & Stott Pilates Teacher

Passionate about Women’s Health and exercise, Liz is a physiotherapist specialising in Women’s Health. From pre- pregnancy to menopause and beyond, she is the ideal person to see if you’re suffering with symptoms of pelvic pain, prolapse, leaking, urgency, heaviness or painful sex. Qualified to assess and diagnose, Liz will provide you with hands on treatment, exercise and practical advice.
Registered with the Health Professional Council and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Liz has an MSc in Pain and continues to develop her clinical skills through a robust portfolio of postgraduate training. Liz is also a certified Stott Pilates instructor and offers pre and postnatal massage in Winchester.
When she’s not working, she can usually be experimenting in the kitchen with her 2 children, practicing Pilates or running in the local countryside. Liz ran the London Marathon for the charity ‘Wellbeing of Women’

Frances Stephens

Frances Stephens

Body Control Pilates teacher, Elaine Petrone Method Teacher, Nordic Walking Instructor – Women’s Wellness Coach, Student Foundation Training instructor

Frances Stephens

Body Control Pilates teacher, Elaine Petrone Method Teacher, Nordic Walking Instructor – Women’s Wellness Coach

I trained as a Body Control Pilates Teacher in 2000 and I have been teaching Pilates ever since!

With my husband Dave, I run a large and well established Nordic Walking group in the New Forest. In 2012 I travelled to the USA to complete the Elaine Petrone Miracle Ball Method Certification.

This is a revolutionary non-exercise method. The balls are designed to help release muscle tension and to help you rediscover your body’s ability to heal itself. The workshops are regular locally and within events with Fitskool.

“You can’t move what you don’t feel.”

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