Move better and cultivate ideal posture with Foundation Training

For back pain recovery to sports performance

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March 28@ 10:30 am12:30 pm in North Baddesley

We are the only local teachers of Foundation Training – the ultimate and universal accessory to all movement programmes and for pain free, everyday activity.

Our Foundation Training teachers

Training directly with Dr Eric Goodman and his amazing team of core educators – our team of professional movement teachers and valued colleagues of Fitskool, already have vast experience between them – and they are eager to share Foundation training with you.

Learn to begin to heal your own back pain,  enjoy pain free posture and essential mobility.

With our guidance, many, many of our clients have made huge progress and learned to move with ease by practising Foundation Training.

Dr Eric Goodman Foundation Training Creator explains how you can take control of your back pain with our help and support.

“I have really enjoyed attending and the training has helped me so much. Before I started coming, I was concerned that I may have to change my job to something less physical, whilst I still have some issues your training has taught me how to manage them, I can usually work out most aches and pains using a few moves. My back feels stronger and I am more aware of my posture and movements. Your class has given me the confidence that I can manage my back pain and use my body as a more efficient tool. Huge thanks, Ryan” .Attendee Fitskool Foundation Training classes.

How to start Foundation Training

Foundation Training can be accessed via our network of qualifed local instructors.  We run stand alone workshops, regular weekly classes and private sessions in North Baddesley, Southampton, Winchester, Colbury New Forest and Bournemouth.

Classes times at Fitskool North Baddesley

Tuesdays 12.30pm & 5.30pm with Pilates

Thursdays 4.15 & 5.25pm

See timetable page for class fees

Workshops available please see events calendar.

Private appointments –  contact us to book

See Private appointments page for private fees

Corporate workshops and bespoke wellness days available to book.

Back Pain weekend retreats in UK 2020please enquire for dates

Contact us for more information and/or to connect with our other local instructors.

Foundation Training Website & Streaming

BOOK True to form: written by Dr Eric Goodman creator of Foundation Training – with foreword by Chris Hemsworth.  Available on Amazon


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