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Pilates Mat class monthly scheme

Pilates, Foundation back care & Spring unit/ mat. Secures your weekly spot on your chosen day and time – includes online studio access. Cancel anytime

  • 1 x MAT class per week
  • £54 pcm
  • 2 x MAT class per week
  • £79 pcm

Pilates APPARATUS/MACHINE class monthly scheme

Reformer/Spring Wall/Arc/Tower. Secures your chosen weekly apparatus place(s) – includes online studio access. Cancel anytime

  • APPARATUS 1 x weekly class
  • £70 pcm
  • APPARATUS 2 x weekly classes
  • £115 pcm

Pilates MAT and APPARATUS classes monthly Scheme

A Mat class plus a Reformer/Spring Wall/Arc/Tower Power class; secure your chosen weekly mat and Apparatus class places – includes online studio access. Cancel anytime

  • 1 x MAT + 1 APPARATUS class
  • £99 pcm

Drop in and ad hoc class bookings available on some mat and machine classes.

Email us to enquire

  • Drop in mat/spring wall class
  • £15.00 per class
  • Drop in Refomer/Tower class
  • £25.00 per class
  • Extra drop in Refomer/Tower class Fitskool monthly members
  • £20 per class

Private Appointments

One to one or duets on the mat; for back care and/or our wonderful Pilates apparatus machines. Bookings to suit your schedule.

  • Private 1:1 (single session)
  • £55
  • Private 1:1 (Four-week course) + livestream + online studio
  • £210
  • Duet 2:1 (single session)
  • £39 per person
  • Duet 2:1 (Four-week course per person) + livestream + online studio
  • £145 per person
  • Trio 3:1 (4 week course)
  • £100 per person


Complimentary monthly scheme is to guarantee your regular mat or apparatus in person or livestream Zoom class place(s). The monthly payment includes complimentary access to our library of recorded classes to make up or do more sessions while you are a member of our Fitskool Community only. Your monthly payment is not a per class price, but the cost of sessions over one academic year divided by 12 equal payments. In person classes run September to August and exclude scheduled holiday periods. The price covers a regular, guaranteed, in person place on a set weekly class – for instance Monday at 6.10pm might be your regular class. Monthly payments are by online bank transfer. Strictly no refunds or carry overs for missed sessions. Drop in sessions can be booked and paid ad hoc’ on some classes – subject to spaces. In all cases, your place is only reserved upon receipt of your fee. Cancellation of the payment/place can be at any time, however this will result in the loss of a regular mat place or Appartaus class place and cancellation of livestream classes and online studio membership. All bookings are conditional upon acceptance of the terms. See Frequently Asked Questions See Full term & conditions. Contact us for more details. Please talk to us if you have any queries – we will do everything we can to facilitate your needs..