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Movement with meaning

Your PILATES, YOGA or SPECIALIST APPARATUS class is dedicated time for you, free from the distractions and the pressures of modern life.

Move with us in our small, informal classes or private sessions.

With guidance and support, we accommodate your specific needs and goals; from back pain help, golf and sports conditioning to women’s wellness and weight management.

Attend in person in our spotless, dedicated studio, or join a mat sessions live, via Zoom. All regular, paying attendees receive FREE MEMBERSHIP to our Fitskool Online Studio with over 250 class videos!

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High quality Pilates and Yoga classes

Mat Pilates builds core stability, back strength, posture and spinal mobility. Pilates is great for all ages from complete beginners to the very fit, for rehabilitation, full body toning and injury prevention.

Yoga will also help to build strength, stamina and flexibility. It has a calming and meditative element.

The Spring Wall and Tower Power classes are unique in our area, with deep conditioning routines for balance, strength, core mobility, posture and bone health.

The Reformer classis a brilliant alternative to traditional training. Enjoy incredibly effective routines for deep core strength, shapely limbs and a mobile but stable spine using the power of the springs

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Private Pilates

Expert instruction and fantastic results on our high quality machines: Pilates Reformers, Half cadillac/Tower, Spring wall unit, Barrel and Stability chairs with Kate Gray RGN or Vicki Gerrard.

The wonderful apparatus offers all the benefits of Pilates and more – with spring resistance to assist and challenge. Our apparatus sessions will enhance your posture, poise and balance creating a learner figure, core strength and enhanced flexibility. Available to book as a semi-private class, duets or one to one