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Lifestyle design for optimal health & well being

Date: 22nd Jan (Sat)
Time: 10:00 am - 12:30 am

Design your own ‘ Healthy Lifestyle Plan ‘

Presented by Kate Gray

With lifestyle related diseases on the rise and likely to affect the majority of us as we move through our lives,  we need more than ever, to recognise the impact our daily habits, work and stress have on our overall health and wellbeing.

However we are all individual with different lives, what suits one, may not suit another.

Small steps can lead to big benefits!

We introduce you to a unique  easy to use framework that will help you design your individual health and wellness plan.

Based upon the Four Pillars of Health, we consider:





And the contribution and impact these pillars have on your health and well being.

This workshop is based on the concept of ‘lifestyle medicine’ introduced to the presenter Kate Gray. Kate met Dr Rangan Chatterjee  and his team when attending the “Prescribing lifestyle medicine” course in January 2020.

Dr Chatterjee is an NHS GP and best seeling author who recognises that we can all be the architects of our own health’

Learn more about Dr Chatterjee and the Four Pillar plan  here

Workshop Schedule; presenter Kate Gray


Your personal framework – handout

The sympton checker

The Pillars of health – where you are now

Tea break & Blood pressure readings, weight, BMI &  blood sugars if desired. (Results are kept private)

Your personal lifestyle presription design with handouts


Deep stretch & relaxation

Price – £79

Limited places

Contact us to book now

Additional information

Suitable for all

Free parking in studio car park

Workshop fee £79

Paid online via bank transfer

Please contact us to book

Please see terms and conditions

Kate meets Rangan Chatterjee in London 2020