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Foundation Training

Heal your pain – discover your potential!

Now available in Southampton, Romsey, Hampshire UK

Foundation Training is a series of specific exercises and poses that anyone can perform. It was created by Dr Eric Goodman, to alleviate his own chronic back pain and avoid multiple level spinal surgeries.

Foundation Training

To date,  thousands of people have found back pain relief from learning Foundation Training.

And hundreds of our clients have now experienced the power of Foundation Training – We love this tool! It is so powerful that Foundation Training is now incorporated into most of our regular Pilates classes, Retreat Days and of course,  on our dedicated Foundation Training workshops.

“Feeling good tomorrow starts with Foundation Training today”!

How does Foundation Training work?

Foundation Training exercsies and postures help you to properly integrate the muscles in the back of your body into everyday movements. These muscles support your spine, help keep you upright, and move your body.

The Back Pain Problem

Because our modern lifestyles  encourage us to sit more and move less, these muscles tend to become weak.

So our joints have to do a lot more work than they are designed for, causing pain and degeneration. Unless we keep the back, hip and rear leg muscles strong and working properly, we are paving the way for bulging discs and back injuries. Our breathing becomes shallow due to poor posture and our bodies and internal organs have trouble working properly due to excessive compression of the torso and a reduced oxygen supply. A reduced blood and oxygen flow means that fewer nutrients reach the joints and surrounding tissues and our organs, and that less toxins are able to be carried away and excreted by the lungs.

The Back Pain Solution

When the muscles in your back, pelvis and legs work properly and your ribs allow your lungs to inflate fully –  all of your movements become easier with less pain and you feel so much better!  This is what Foundation Training achieves.

Is it suitable for me?

If you have back pain, or  simply want a stonger, healthier back, better posture and healthy shoulders, this is for you!  Foundation Training is suitable for all abilities and ages and is very simple to learn.

If you want to perform better in golf, running, cycling or  your sport, it’s perfect.

If you have a medical condition you can still attend.

If you have osteoporosis,  arthritis, scoliosis, kyphosis, spondylosis, bulging disks or any other spinal condition, Foundation Training can safely help you with the assistance of a qualified instructor.

If you struggle to get up and down from the floor, it is still possible to benefit, however a private apponintment may be more appropriate for you, please enquire.

Is Foundation Training better than Yoga or Pilates? What’s the difference?

Foundation Training is an accessory to all other movement programmes. Although it can be used as a stand alone programme for great results, it will also help you get much more from other movement and exercise routines. While Pilates and Yoga can both be great for backs – they can also irritate an existing condition if not modified properly by an experienced teacher.

Foundation Training is perfect for problem backs because there is minimal flexion of the spine. All Foundation Training exercises encourage strength and deep core conditioning and proper movement retraining, so everything becomes much easier. This is why we teach Foundation Training within our exercise prescription for back pain programmes, and within some of our Pilates programmes too.

Where can I get Foundation Training?

We offer regular Foundation Training group courses in Romsey and North Baddesley.

Regular Southampton and Romsey based and Nationwide Foundation Training workshops and events.

Private and one to one sessions to really help you understand the principles and get them into your own body

Please make an enquiry to find out more.

Are you in pain most of the time? there is hope! and strategies that can really help, take a look at this film to give you an insight to the latest thinking on persistent pain. Then get in touch to find out more- we love to help!







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