I love Fitskool's service and classes - so different to other gyms/classes, very relaxing, perfect combination of fun, being with lovely people and also achieving weekly exercise. Venue is super, comfort great, music- it's nice to listen to a variey & ambience wonderful. So thrilled to have found Fitskool, Kate and Vicki you are perfect at what you do!
I enjoyed everything, I left feeling so relaxed and stress free! Thanks Kate for another great workshop
I have been with Fitskool for over a year now doing the foundation training and I have seen a remarkable change in the reduction of my back pain and have increased my core strength. I love the classes, the other members and Kate is FAB!! ! I would highly recommend coming along and trying it out! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Since starting these sessions, I have felt stronger and fitter than I did 10 years ago!
I had no experience before and was pleasantly surprised at how hard we worked, and kate clearly knows her stuff! โ€“ I need more of this in my life! ( Looking forward to starting Pilates soon to improve my core and strengthen my back)
Nice to be in a safe place with others learning about things that affect us all - women of all ages. Fantastic programme of exercises, wonderful breathwork and lovely meditation/relaxation to end.
I enjoyed the breathing exercises- being with a small group, all friendly and with a sense of humour!
Most enjoyed, the explanations, supportive attitude (and encourageing) towards women & natural ageing. A breadth of various supportive literature and suggestions on a way forward
My back has healed (phew!) and my consultant very happy - he was keen to hear about Foundation Training and wishes more people would do it!
I have really enjoyed attending and the training has helped me so much. Before I started coming, I was concerned that I may have to change my job to something less physical, whilst I still have some issues your training has taught me how to manage them, I can usually work out most aches and pains using a few moves. My back feels stronger and I am more aware of my posture and movements. Your class has given me the confidence that I can manage my back pain and use my body as a more efficient tool. Huge thanks, Ryan
Well paced, informative, inclusive - a wealth of useful information and exercises for healthy living.
Clear explanation of the Pilates theory, GREAT to have instructors moving around with HANDS ON improving posture and position. I have been in constant, nagging pain for YEARS - lower back Today - my back has felt better for the first time in years - better posture and the stretching MORE PLEASE!
Pilates was recommended to me by my Chiropractor having long term back discomfort...my back feels stronger and I have learnt how to improve my posture. Pilates has prepared me for untertaking physical activity and I am certainly more supple! I enjoy ALL alspects of the class! and I am happy with my experience!
I really enjoyed the Foundation Training. I have had back surgery and some of the exercises are particularly beneficial in helping me keep good posture. It was very interesting to take photos of our posture and identify some areas for improvement.
It was a really nice day, the sessions were just the right length and the mix between breaks and session was just right.
Most enjoyed - time for me!
Loved being with other women, the exercises and receiving down to earth information - was brilliant.
I enjoyed some time to think about womenโ€™s issues for a change โ€“ lovely three hours Kate, thank you so much.
Kate - you have a lovely gentle teaching style and you created a very comfortable learning environment, fabulous - thank you - see you on the 28th July.
It was good to talk and learn about a subject that's not often talked about - as a taster it was excellent- as always! Thanks!
Practical and easy to use tips-which I feel confident I can integrate into daily life
Thanks for another good session last night โ€“ I felt good afterwards and don't ache at all today.
I would never have been able to get here without you... ...you have changed my life. I have never had more confidence in myself nor felt so strong (and our chats helped put me back together again).
Great Day, great company, great location, great food! more of the same please!