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If you have special health concerns, are completely new to exercise or you are recovering from illness, injury or surgery.

Our clinical Pilates and Foundation Training classes are designed and overseen by Kate Gray RGN –  a registered nurse and fully certified APPI pilates teacher.

If your main concern is persistant back pain, before attempting Pilates or Yoga,  you may like to start with our specialist  Foundation Training

Clinical classes are taught and overseen by a registered clinician such as a nurse or physiotherapist. You do not have to be unwell or have a medical condition to attend, in fact our workshops are open to anyone who would like to learn more about health and moving better.  However, if  you are very nervous or unfit, you may benefit from a more modified approach offered in a regular clinical or wellness class.   With appropriate combinations of movement programming,  physiotherapy and  massage therapy, we can work together to help you toward your wellness goals.

All of our clinical programmes take place in North Baddesley in our dedicated Pilates and wellness studio.  Once completed, you can choose to re-attend a clinical course or continue on to a general Pilates, Foundation Training or Yoga class. All of our classes include modifications and progressions appropriate to your level.

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Specialist referrals

We have teamed up with Liz Knowels – a specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist who is qualified to assess and diagnose pelvic health issues.  Liz provides detailed assessment, treatment and practical advice for women with special concerns about pelvic floor health.

Stand alone wellness and back pain workshops

Learn more about women’s health,  bone health, lifestyle wellness and get help with back pain on one of our popular  specialist workshops.

Often people are concerned about starting exercise for the first time, or following a period of illness or surgery. This is completely normal and understandable– we aim to make the process as accessible, comfortable and reassuring as possible.

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Clinical Pilates and Foundation Training prices

6 weeks course of classes or pro-rata:  £72 per person

Private clinical appointments: 8 session block:  £447

Ad hoc’ private clinical & assessment sessions (1 hour): £55

Important note

Please ensure you have clearance from your GP, Midwife or Consultant before embarking upon a new exercise programme or returning to exercise following illness, pregnancy or surgery. Our classes and workshops do not replace medical treatment or constitute medical advice.

If something arises from our screening process that requires a medical review, we will advise you to seek an appointment with your doctor for further investigation.