Walking: the easy way to health and weight loss

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Exercise and the weight loss problem

When it comes to weight control and health there is so much conflicting advice out there these days. Top that off with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles and homes filled with labour saving devices – it’s no wonder we have lost our way when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight.

Back pain and walking, the benefits

Fitness fads come and go and the current trend for those manic, high intensity exercise programmes involving heavy weight and lots of jumping around are simply not suitable for most people. If you have a back pain or a joint problem or even tougher, a pelvic floor issue, and need to lose weight, walking just might be one of the answers you are looking for. Walking is easy on the joints and spine, it is safe, will keep you mobile and nourish your body rather than break it down further. You also benefit from being out in the fresh air, which can give a real boost to your sense of well-being and aid better sleep.

What about High Intensity (HIIT) – don’t we need that?

Of course high intensity exercise can be very valuable in our fight against excess fat. However, the risk of injury is high if it is not managed within a progressive and sensible programme, especially as we mature. High intensity will be relative, it may simply be a brisk walk for one person, or a hard sprint for another! The point is to keep the intervals really short – 30 seconds follwed by some active rest, up to eight times, is really sufficent to get the benefits.

Have we lost faith in the simple value of walking to keep weight in check?

Just because something is simple, it does not make it ineffective. There is really no need to beat your body up! You really do not need to punish yourself in order to slim down and get healthy. Walk your way to a fitter, slimmer body and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine to boot. Walking is a fantastic accompaniment to Pilates and perfect for practising good posture. Walking can burn from 150-200 calories per hour, add some minor dietary adjustments like reducing sugar, shop breads and cakes and you do have the recipe for success.  But the real beauty of walking is its simplicity and accessibility. You can easily add intensity to your walk to burn more energy without the risks associated with other regimes – just find a hilly route or walk faster between sets of lamp-posts.

Walking as cross-training

All you really need to do in order to control your weight is to regularly move your body from one place to another. Next you need to work your muscles as intended to keep them strong and functional. This can be done by cycling, playing tennis etc. and do Pilates or Foundation Training – all super valuable exercise for your body to keep it strong, flexible and healthy. Remember that you need to add weight bearing resistance in order to stress the bones and encourage bone building to protect from oesteoporosis.  Adding in a daily walk is the perfect adjunct to your other activities as no special kit is required and you don’t need to book in advance or check opening times

The big wide walking world is always available and it’s free!

Walk every-day – it’s so easy

To see results, walk every day. That sounds rather obvious. But actually most of us rarely manage the recommended 10,000 steps for health. Is this because we are driving more, sitting at desks and using online shopping sites? Probably! So why not make use of the technology and buy a good pedometer, use your phone app’ or fitness device to monitor your steps for a few days. Then plan how you can increase the amount gradually.

Pilates Retreats include a walk, sociable and fun

If you need some motivational tips about how to walk well, and incorporate walking into your daily life – join us on our Pilates Retreat Days. We always include a guided walk, so that you can learn to walk with mindfulness and good posture. You enjoy a whole day of Pilates, muscle release and relaxation and a beautiful walk in the Forest, led by our team of experienced and qualified walk guides, personal trainers and Pilates instructors.  Then you can see how great walking can be for your health, sociable, fun and easy. You can also expect to sleep well and wake feeling refreshed and energised!



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