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“In ten sessions, you will feel the difference, in twenty you will see the difference, and in thirty you will have a whole new body” – Joseph H. Pilates

Pilates for back health in Romsey, Ampfield, North Baddesley and Southampton

We offer private Pilates for back pain, back health and posture and general well-being on the Mat, Pilates apparatus and reformer.

If you are unsure about which class to attend or you have specific medical issues or injuries, you may wish to book a 30 minute or one hour private appointment to enable us to assess you prior to joining a class. Please feel free to contact Kate to discuss.

Monday Courses

Course Location Time
Foundation Pilates (Group): Healthy Backs/Core  Ampfield 09.30
Foundation Pilates (Group): Healthy Backs/Core  Ampfield 10.40
Pilates (Group): Beginner/improver Romsey 18:55
Pilates (Group): Intermediate plus Romsey 20:00

Fees for  6 week courses (or pro-rata)

Ampfield: £60

Romsey: £57

Semi Private Foundation back class Baddesley: £75 max four per class

Tuesday Courses

Course Location Time
Pure Restore for back pain recovery – Semi-private Baddesley 09.15
Beginner level Pilates – Semi Private (starts September)    
Foundation Pilates for beginners class Ampfield 09.30
Healthy Backs course for beginners class Romsey 17:10
Healthy Backs course for improvers class Romsey 18:15

Fees: 6 week courses or pro-rata

Romsey £57

Ampfield: £60

North Baddesley Semi private Pilates £66 max four/five per class

Baddesley semi-private clinical/rehab £75 max four per class

Wednesday Courses

Course Location Time
Semi-private Pilates: Gentle/beginner Baddesley 09:15
Semi-private Pilates: Beginner/improver Baddesley 16:30
Semi-private Pilates: Improver/intermediate Baddesley 18:00

Fees: Six week courses £66 max four/five per class

Thursday Courses

Course Location Time
Duet: Semi- private Pilates Reformer/apparatus class North Baddesley 10.20
Pilates: Back pain recovery with Foundation Training (Group) Romsey 17:25

Fees: Romsey  classes: 6 week courses £57

Semi-private apparatus class: £137 per person – per six week course (max two participants)

More Information

Specialist private back care, breast cancer rehabilitation and Pilates on the mat, Pilates reformer and apparatus (includes online programme).

Please enquire for appointments.


Places are limited and we operate a waiting list. All of our Pilates classes are run as courses because regular attendance is essential to enable you to gain the full benefit of the method. Your fee reserves your mat place whether you attend or not, therefore the fee must be paid in full before the start of the course regardless of any sessions not taken. We do run specialist workshops from time to time which can be booked and paid prior to the day. Please see timetable for details. If you are a shift worker it may be possible to buy a course and swap sessions as required within the same week. Please contact us for details; we are here to help you.

Please contact us for more information, we are very happy to help you with any questions and assist you with bookings. Contact us

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