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Pilates Classes

Pilates classes in Romsey, Ampfield, North Baddesley and Southampton

We offer small Pilates classes for beginners and for those requiring back pain recovery through to intermediates in Romsey, North Baddesley, Ampfield and Southampton. Our popular semi-private mat Pilates classes in North Baddesley have just four participants and our other local classes have a maximum twelve or less.

Expert teaching – safe, supportive and effective
Our Pilates sessions are designed to give you maximum benefit and individual attention from experienced and very well qualified teachers. Because we  specialise in back pain recovery and the maintenance of a healthy back, you will benefit from safe, specific back exercise prescription in our classes in addition to a whole body programme.  All Pilates classes are designed with clinical input from Kate Gray, a registered nurse and fully certified APPI Pilates teacher.

What’s different?

It’s not just all about exercise! this is your class for your body, to benefit from what Pilates can offer you for your individual needs – and that includes time for just being still and quiet or, for a little natter sometimes. Our classes are informal, small and non competitive. So, there is is no need to feel nervous that you need to keep up with anyone else.  With our modified repetoire, we will help you with modifications and progressions as and when you require. This is your class for your body.

What is Pilates exactly?

In the 1930s,  German born Joseph Pilates devised a system of 34 exercises to rehabilitate and strengthen the body from the inside out. It is perfect for retraining your neuro muscular system into optimal movement patterns, and focussing the mind to achive this. Pilates is performed lying on a mat for stretching and core strengthening and when standing for posture and function (sometimes we can use a chair if needed). Pilates is about precision and quality of movements rather than lots of repetition. We often use props like small balls, flex bands and magic circles to enhance the exercises and add variety.

After all – movement is medicine!

Pilates offers amazing benefits for people of all ages and abilities and can help combat many of the problems associated with modern life; poor posture, stiff joints, back ache, pain, stress and shallow breathing. Pilates is increasingly recognised among health care professions as beneficial – growing evidence shows Pilates to be a great activity for back and joint problems and even for stress reduction. However, it is important to check with your doctor if you have a health concern, and then to find the right class with someone who understands – we love to talk!  so you can discuss anything that concerns you with us before you book.

How you benefit the most

When attending a suitable class and with regular practice, you can expect to achieve a more fluid, stronger and toned body and even to look and feel younger and more vital with your improved posture and breathing! In our classes, achieve also, better balance, less risk of falls and a sense of calm and focus – Pilates just makes you feel taller, stronger and a lot better!

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