Corporate events that help you manage workplace stress

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Workplace stress? take a breather!

In the workplace environment, some stress is necessary and beneficial; it helps us to focus and to meet deadlines and to learn to perform well under pressure. Acute stress is usually a temporary and brief episode. The body quickly transforms into fight or flight mode; heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate increase as the body responds to an immediate demand or threat. Acute stress can thrill and be exciting in small doses, but too much, too often is damaging and very exhausting!

When stress becomes chronic, it is extremely counterproductive causing headaches, muscle tension and pain, digestive disorders, mental health issues. Research highlights higher rates of back pain, sickness absence, poor performance, low staff morale and high staff turnover in stressful environments. The impact of stress related illness upon a business can be huge.

What to do about stress in the workplace

Firstly, we have to able to recognise stress in ourselves and in our colleagues. Then we need to have a stress management plan in place. This need not be a complicated paper pushing, box ticking process that might cause even more stress! Often the simplest and smallest changes can make a big difference:

If it’s a sunny day, perhaps take a walk and talk meeting.

Encourage staff to get off their seats and move X number of times per day, create some healthy competition with a chart and goals.

Have a professional Pilates teacher demonstrate some simple Pilates stretches, posture or breath work exercises that can be easily incorporated into the working day.

Employers have a statutory responsibility to manage stress and not place unreasonable demands upon their staff. However, stress has many facets; it is a complex mixture of personal issues, emotions, upbringing, work, home life and personality type. So how can employers encourage staff to take a pro-active approach to their health and show them accessible ways to do so?

Corporate events for managing workplace stress
“An excellent day in a relaxed atmosphere in beautiful surroundings – thank you!” delegate May 2016

There are lots of corporate days out there, involving team building activities such as rifle shooting, car driving, competitions, raft building, sailing etc. etc.  While good fun and undeniably attractive to many, these activities do not suit all members of a team. Conversely, if delegates are expected to spend half the day or more sitting and listening to a lecture, this only serves to  re-inforce the poor posture and chronic compression of the body which leads to even more stress, back pain and ill health.

We have found that simply taking people outside of the work environment for a non-threatening, relaxing day is hugely beneficial. Delegates need informative ideas and suggestions with practical help to manage stress, improve posture and relieve muscular tension. This should include a deep relaxation element, wellness checks, and a ‘walk & talk’ to encourage bonding. Walking is perfect for facilitating strong communication and trouble shooting.  Pressing issues often get resolved on a guided walk, with the added benefits of a healthy physical activity, accessible to most people.

Accessible, inclusive activities for all members of the workplace
What kind of sessions or workshops can really help delegates manage the damaging effects of stress? Delegates should have the opportunity to assess their own stress levels, identify barriers to managing stress and then, working as a team, build a plan to help others. Additionally, they will be encouraged and supported to become proactive, perhaps with Pilates, restorative breath work and Foundation Training protocols for back pain and posture. Foundation Training is a unique back health and posture programme that literally brings the body to life, and is exclusively available within our events in Hampshire.

Pilates and/or restorative Yoga and relaxation with simple breath work will encourage the parasympathetic nervous system to take over, by means of slowing breathing rate, lowering heart rate and blood pressure and gently releasing tired and tight muscles in the back neck and shoulders.

Many people have never experienced the benefits of a good Pilates session, or posture work, and so this becomes a revelation in terms of just feeling a lot better and more positive generally.

“I didn’t even realise how stressed out I was until I had the chance to properly relax!” delegate May 2016

Bespoke Corporate days unlike any other!

If you would like your staff to benefit from one of our back pain recovery or corporate retreat days, we can arrange a bespoke event to suit the needs of your organisation.

Please contact Kate to find out more.

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