Back Pain Help with Foundation Training

25 Jul 2016fitskooladminNo Comments

The start of a pain free, healthy back, posture and movement – help is here now

Check out this video of Dr Eric Goodman teaching the modified Founder from Foundation Training.

Then contact us for details of our workshops or one to one appointments to learn the method and start your journey to pain free movement.

Foundation Training: Perfect for golf!

“Foundation Training is absolutely perfect for ideal posture in the golf swing. From set-up to finish, these exercises help with strength and conditioning for the complete game. Even with the bending over for putting. I spend a lot of time on the practice green putting and my back used to ache. But now, my back feels stronger and I have more endurance than before. I feel the positive effects of lengthening my spine which is critical because I have had two herniated disk surgeries and am 66 years old. Thank you guys. This is amazing”.

Cody Curry – Foundation Training in America

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